lockdown special offer

Free postage!


A lockdown special offer of Chris Dobrowolski’s fascinating book. Follow his ingenious making of vehicles of escape from a boat, hovercraft, car, tank, and plane made from the everyday things around him. All inspired by the attitude of “I can do it”, first stimulated by his childhood love of Ladybird books. Finally escape with Chris sledging in the Antarctic on a sledge made with gilt picture frames.

159 pages, hardback and only £25 with free postage!

The three Fs: Fascinating, frustrating and farcical. Warning: the book does contain a few expletives!

go for it!

[when ordering make sure “Free Shipping” is selected in the drop down menu in the shopping basket]

Making a hovercraft out of old plastic bottles…
Making an aeroplane, the “Flying Flea” out of old tea chests and pages of Mignet’s “The Flying Flea, How to Build and Fly it”…
Some swearing…
Towing the gold picture frame sledge in the Antarctic…

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