Hayletts Gallery and a new Book!

A little tour of the studio gallery for Hayletts

JAMES DODDS – Linocuts and Paintings
Saturday 20th June
to Saturday 18th July 2020



David Patient and James Dodds first met as shipwrights at Walter Cook & Son in Maldon, Essex in the 1970s before their lives took different paths, James to art and David to run his own shipyard.

‘Maldon Shipwrights’ combines their memories of working together on traditional wooden vessels of the Thames Estuary, David providing the narrative to James’s linocuts.

Jardine Press Ltd
ISBN 978-0-9934779-8-0
Paperback, 198 x 198mm, 36pp
Jardine Press 2020
Retail price: £10

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A lockdown special offer of Chris Dobrowolski’s fascinating book. Follow his ingenious making of vehicles of escape from a boat, hovercraft, car, tank, and plane made from the everyday things around him. All inspired by the attitude of “I can do it”, first stimulated by his childhood love of Ladybird books. Finally escape with Chris sledging in the Antarctic on a sledge made with gilt picture frames.

159 pages, hardback and only £25 with free postage!

The three Fs: Fascinating, frustrating and farcical. Warning: the book does contain a few expletives!

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Making a hovercraft out of old plastic bottles…

Making an aeroplane, the “Flying Flea” out of old tea chests and pages of Mignet’s “The Flying Flea, How to Build and Fly it”…

Some swearing…

Towing the gold picture frame sledge in the Antarctic…

Here is our new book!

“One of Howard’s” is here!


David Patient has been a shipwright for 42 years and ran his own bargeyard in Maldon. His extensive knowledge of shipbuilding significantly enriches this documentation of the town’s maritime history leading up to John Howard’s fascinating story. The book’s title quotes Essex bargemen who could not resist enlightening others that John Howard built the most elegant sailing barges. He also designed and built many yachts and other craft. Howard, a most respected Maldonian, became a member of the Institution of Naval Architects, a rare achievement among shipwrights.

Jardine Press Ltd
ISBN 978-0-9934779-7-3
Hardback, 240 x 300mm, 320pp
157 illustrations in full colour
Jardine Press 1st May 2020
Retail price: £40

Cornish prints

Included in James’ exhibition “Wood to Water” at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall are these new linocuts:

The exhibition runs to September 2020.