Catherine Dodds, artist potter.


Brisons Veor. I got so much out of it I had to write a book! Here it is:



I’m still unpacking my brain after my Brisons Veor residency in February. Chimneys, granite, killas, Geevor mine, bronze, waves, copper, tin, lichen. Finding the right green glaze is now my priority, and more chimney throwing, and black clay tearing, oh and I want to make an animation, and finding out more about lichen, glazing tiles, and dreaming of Cornwall…

Landscape plates…

Chimneys and tin…

Taking impressions of some rocks and plants at Cape Cornwall. The difficulty will be in finding a suitable glaze…

March: Getting to know my new glazes. Although the green didn’t come out at all like it was supposed to (I’m after the copper bloom you get on a Barbara Hepworth bronze) and the red is like the surface of Mars or something. Also, the Keuper Red clay has turned beige! It was supposed to be dark red, especially at this higher temperature. Quite a puzzle. I’m exploring rough black clay with some tin lustre.


Got off to a rocky start this year. Pushed the kiln up to stoneware temp 1200ºc, and tried some new glazes. Mixed results!

Terracotta with ‘Solar Orange’ and ‘South Pacific’ Terracolor glazes. I added some tin and a bit of rutile and iron ox to a transparent stoneware glaze to get the oatmeal. The red glaze is a bit of a problem..

Special Fleck clay with ‘South Pacific’. The blue glaze is lovely


Selection from 2018:

Terracotta Bottles. White slip and sgraffito. Vitreous black slip. Tin glaze. Fired to 1160ºc