So too have the doves gone

reflections on the theme of conflict

edited by Stephen Boyce, Pam Job & Judith Wolton
with images by students of the Fine Art Department at Colchester Institute

‘We lay no lines
across the pure and proper curves of earth.
We borrow ground while they
relinquish none’

The inspiration for this Anthology of poems arose from our connection to the Wilfred Owen Memorial in Ors, Northern France, designed by British artist Simon Patterson. It is built around the original Maison Forestiere where the poet Wilfred Owen spent his last night.


Our hope and intention is twofold: that this Anthology will make a contribution to the commemoration of the centenary of The Great War, 1914-18, and will fulfil the original inspiration behind the creation of the Wilfred Owen Memorial, that it should celebrate poetry.


Jardine Press 2014.
140 x 216mm, 146pp
Paperback: £7.99
ISBN 978-0-9565495-8-7