East Coast Oysters and a Few Whelks

East Coast Oysters and a Few Whelks is the product of observing and recording the environment and how human contact has complemented its surroundings.


The images are not technical descriptions, but encapsulate some of the mystery that this area holds with it’s sculptured mud banks, dark sheds of mystery, broad landscapes and the hidden harvest of food. The images also show how people engage with these areas, where they work, enjoy sailing and keep alive so many traditions.


The eating and farming of shellfish from these areas is age old and fits comfortably within the spaces photographed. In turn the book conjures the flavour of the oysters through a narrative of images and visual memoir to help the enjoyment of the fruits from these coastal areas.


The appeal of this book covers many areas of interest: lovers of landscape, sailing, food and the joy of photography as a means of framing and capturing time.

Mervyn Maggs

Jardine Press 2013
196 x 297mm, 42pp
Paperback: £12.
ISBN 978-0-9565495-6-3