Alphabet of Boats



James Dodds’ hearty linocuts show in a very simple way the diversity of different boat rigs.


This Alphabet of Boats started life as a teething book for his son and daughter: six local east coast boats printed onto wood and bound by a spliced rope ring. As his children cut their teeth, so the idea of an alphabet grew. Defining the difference between a Smack and a Bawley, a Ketch and a Lugger, from Ark to Zulu, for young and old, this alphabet will both amuse and inform.


1st ed: Jardine Press 1998
2nd ed: Mystic Seaport Museum, USA 2001
3rd ed: Jardine Press Ltd 2002
4th ed: Jardine Press Ltd 2011
32 pages, 120mm x 120mm

Hardback £9.50
ISBN 978-0-9565495-2-5