ABC of Boat Bits


This book is all about the Winkle Brig. The Winkle Brig or Bumkin is an open clinker boat with a centreboard, 15ft to 18ft long, rigged with a gaff on the mainsail and one headsail called the Jib. This rig is called a Gaff Sloop. There are several variations on this rig. One is with no bowsprit and the jib is attached to the stemhead. Another, the simplest of all is with a standing lugsail with or without a jib. The Winkle Brig is a strong forgiving work boat with a simple rig: a great boat in which to learn the rudiments of sailing.


With children of my own, I wish to teach them to sail and to share with them the many secret places of my youth. The Alphabet of Boats and this book where firstly conceived as an introduction for my children to sailing and the sea.

James Dodds (Afterword)


“Wonderfully illustrated with linocuts, this book will bring back the great joys of learning to sail. An excellent primer for novice and expert alike.” Goodreads

This is a wonderful, sentimental reminder for those of us who love our sailing … of a creek-crawling type and did so as children. No racing here; t’is just a super little reference book of what does this ‘n that and written, we guess, for both adults and, more so, children – with a love for exploration etc in a sailing boat. Doesn’t cost the earth. Just a lovely little handbook.
P Freeman, Amazon review

3rd ed: Jardine Press 2016
120 x 120mm, 36pp
ISBN 978-0-9934779-1-1