Pioneer, Last of the Skillingers

"This book tells the history of the deep sea Essex smacks, also the story of how Pioneer was salvaged from the Mersea mud and then rebuilt through a remarkable restoration programme, and an account of a voyage aboard Pioneer in 1923. You will also read of the Pioneer Sailing Trust, whose role is to see through the restoration, get Pioneer sailing and then create ways by which future generations can experience this fascinating piece of maritime

The book also includes some fine prints from the linocuts of artist James Dodds, who has very kindly put this book together.

I'm glad that this story can be told. And I'm delighted that it is told here by three men whose experience include "dredging aboard Pioneer", Hazell White, "writing more about the subject of smacks than any other", John Leather and "having restored a great many Essex smacks" Brian Kennell. Also included is a new poem "The Ballad of the Pioneer" by Martin Newell.

The profits from you buying this book will go directly to the Pioneer Sailing Trust. So may I thank you for helping to ensure that a deep sea smack can once again be seen proudly patrolling the shores of Essex."

– Rupert Marks

Jardine Press Ltd 2002
revised and enlarged 2nd edition:
Jardine Press Ltd 2002
ISBN 0 9539472 7 0
148 x 210mm, 120pp