Conceptual artist Chris Dobrowolski tells his own story in this fully illustrated
book. Inspired by his childhood books, we follow the making of his escape
vehicles from recycled materials: a boat, a car, a hovercraft, a plane, and
culminating in his great escape to Antarctica to build a sledge.
This book contains some strong language!

‘Art students in their thousands have been motivated and inspired by Dobrowolski’s
compelling and very funny lectures. In the most extreme and creative ways he turns
everyday life into extraordinary experiences. This book documents a lifetime of ingenuity
and ‘inner need’ that will change your view of what’s possible – no artist can do more.’
(Derek Horton, Artist, writer, curator and ex-head of Research in Contemporary Art at Leeds
Metropolitan University

‘I laughed out loud’
(Linda Capper, British Antarctic Survey


Jardine Press 2014
280 x 216mm, 174pp
ISBN 978-0-9565495-9-4

Publication date: 1st April 2014
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